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In Remembrance of WWII at Bukit Brown Cemetery (21 February 2016)

National Heritage Board of Singapore organised yet again another interesting series of programmes in conjunction with 74th anniversary of the Battle of Singapore. Part of this programmes include actual guided walks at various actual sites where the battle took place or in the case of Bukit Brown, the battle that took place around it and also the stories of the various personalities affected by the WWII, and in some cases died as result of it. I was one of the volunteer guide's again for this year's NHB WWII at Bukit Brown tour for the 21 February 2016 - Guide Walk B.

Bukit Brown, with the highway under construction can be a frustrating place to visit for first timers. The reason being is there are now 2 entry points and they connect with each other only in a very small area inside of Bukit Brown. This leads to the potential of tour participants joining the wrong group and this happened in our case as they were two meeting points. Fortunately since we had two tours running simultaneously, this was less of a concern as people could still participate.

(source: NHB press release)

Taking note of the new meeting points for Bukit Brown Tours

So do take note carefully where is your meeting point and come earlier if possible and note down the physical signages in place for your intended meeting place.

Bus Stop: 41149 - Adam Rd - Opp SICC, Bus Service No:52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855

Meeting Point A:  is from the first turning on your left, coming in from Sime Road (or as you turn into Sime Road from Lornie Road) . The sign will indicate " Temporary Access to Block 2 and 5". This meeting point is usually for tours going to Tay Koh Yat, Soh Koon Eng, Lee Kim Soo, Cheong Koon Seng, Neo Tiew wife and mother, Tan Yong Thian, Tan Swee KeeTeo Chin Chay, and Boey Chuan Poh.

Meeting Point B: is the next turning on the left, after the above. The landmark you should see if you are walking in thru this path is the relocated gates of Bukit Brown sans its gates. The sign will indicate "Temporary Access to Block 1, 3 and 4 ". Keeping walking till you see a shaded area with steps and chairs.

Relocated Gates of Bukit Brown 

Meeting Point B
The tours organised by National Heritage Board came with a printed booklet of the various heritage trails and is a keeper. Fortunately, the e-copy is available as pdf online too, so no need to ask for a physical copy.

Singapore in WWII - A Heritage Trial 

Personalities Covered for Guide Walk B

Keeping the format roughly the same as last years, some of the tombs we visited included:
Lim Chong Pang 
Wong Chin Yoke
Tan Ean Kiam
Tan Ean Teck

Group photo of all the participants of Group Walk A and B on 21 February 2016

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