Lee Pang Kok and family (Bukit Brown)

Lee Pang Kok alias Lee Teng Sin passed away at age of 53 at 2 am on October 7, 1930 at his residence in No 6 Stanley Road. He is survived by his widow, 4 sons (Lee Siew Kow, Lee Siew Pan, Lee Puan Beng and Lee Siew Teck ), 4 daughters (Lee Tan Neo, Lee Chwee Neo, Lee Kim Neo, Lee Swee Lew, Lee Yew Choo) , 1 daughter-in-law,  4 grandsons (Lee Chay Min, Lee Chay Kia, Lee Chay Tian, Lee Chay Song) and 1 grand daughter to mourn his loss. He is buried in Hill 3  Division B plot 281.
Photograph of Lee Pang Kok (19th year of the Republic)
I am not able to find much information about Lee Pang Kok, but in 1918 there was an article of dissolution of partnership business,  Chop Lian Huat, Tobacco Merchants at Malacca Street, Singapore. The business was dissolved by mutual consent by its former partners which included Soon Wee Joey, Lee Pang Kok and Chua Yeow Whee. When Lee Pang Kok passed away probate of his will was granted to a sole executor, Lee Siew Kow.

Lee Pang Kok's tomb in Bukit Brown 


Son: Lee Siew Kow
Lee Siew Kow was a broker and dealer in rubber.  Lee Siew Kow passed away at on 18th July 1951 at his residence at No. 23 Amber Road. He leaves behind his mother, his wife, Madam Gan Eng Neo / Gan Yew Neo, 4 sons (Lee Chay Min, Lee Chay Kia, Lee Chay Tian, Lee Chay Song), 3 daughters (Lee Aye Hoe, Lee June, Lee Aye Cheng), 2 daughter-in-law, 3 grandchildren. Also mourning him are his 3 brothers ( Lee Siew Pan, Lee Puan Beng and Lee Siew Teck ), 3 sister-in-laws, 5 sisters, 4 brother-in-laws. When Lee Siew Kow passed away, he left behind an estate that was valued more than $600,000.
Lee Siew Kok 

Son: Lee Siew Pan
Lee Siew Pan passed away at the age of 82 on May 4, 1985. He is survived by 7 sons (Lee Chay Lup, Lee Chay Yam, Carey ; Lee Chay Chye, James ; Lee Chay Ban, Gene ; Lee Chay Boon, Alan ; Lee Chay Swa, Albert ; Lee Chay Lip, Alfred ) 1 adopted son ( Lee Chay Song )  9 daughters (Lee Joo Guat, Lee Juby, Lee Joo Hong, Lee Joo Huay, Lee Joo Kheng, Lee Nancy, Lee Joo Luck, Lee Jenny, Lee Trincia-Mary) 5 daughter-in-laws, 8 son-in-laws, 33 grandchildren, 3 grandsons-in-law, 2 great grandchildren.
Lee Siew Pan 
I am not able to cover all the grandchildren, but the below are some of the grandchildren with pictures or wedding photos.

Grandson (Lee Chay Min)
There was an article in January 1948 that featured the double wedding of Lee Chay Min (son of Lee Siew Kow) to Katherine Seah Quee Eng (fourth daughter of Seah Teng Koon ) and his brother, Lee Chay Kia to Tan Seok Bee (eldest daughter of Tan Soon Teck and Madam Yeo Kwai Neo)

Grandson (Lee Chay Kia )
In January 1948,  Lee Chay Kia married Tan Seok Bee (eldest daughter of Tan Soon Teck and Madam Yeo Kwai Neo). It was a double wedding in which his older brother, Lee Chay Min married Katherine Seah Quee Eng.

Lee Chay Kia and Tan Seok Bee had 4 sons ( Frederick Lee Cheow Keng, Anthony Lee Cheow Cheok, Lee Cheow Poon, Edmond Lee Cheow San ) and 1 daughter (Violet Lee Geok Yan )

Grand daughter (Lee Ai Hoe / Lee Aye Hoe ) 
Miss Lee Ai Hoe (daughter of the late Mr. Lee Siew Kow) married Mr. Teoh Seng Hong (grandson of the late Dato Siew Khor) in July 1955.

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