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Chua Jin Swee and family (Bukit Brown)

Chua Jin Swee of Teck Choon Saw Mill passsed away on 6 October, 1924 at 547 Serangoon Road. He leaves behind a widow, 4 sons ( Chua Boon Ting, Chua Boon Teck, K.T. Chua and Chua Boon Whatt), 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Madam Low Kim Lian passed away on 18 November 1929 at her residence  451-25 Pasir Panjang Road at the age of 52. She is survived by 4 sons ( Chua Boon Ting, Chua Boon Teck, Chua Kim Tee and Chua Boon Whatt), 2 daughters (Mrs Tan Hoon Hong, Mrs Yap Hock Cheng) , 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Chua Jin Swe is buried in Hill 1 Dvision B, plot 386.

Chua Jin Swee

Low Kim Lian
The tomb of Chua Jin Swee and Madam Low Kim Lian are covered with vines, but fortunately, the horizontal arm of both ends contains the information of both Chua Jin Swee and Madam Low Kim Lan and that includes the name of their children.

Seh Chua (Surname Chua) 
Chua Jin Swee was part of the Seh Chua Clan or Community and became a member of the Committee in 1921. That year was an important milestone year for the Seh Chua community because the British Government was seeking to acquire the Seh Chua Burial Ground and the elected Trustees were discussing compensation in the form of new land if the acquisition took place since the Chua Community does not have a new burial after its only one at Silat Road (which was slightly more than 2 acres) was closed for burials.


Miss Chua Cheng Kee Neo nee Mrs. Tan Hoon Hong
The engagement was announced between Tan Hoon Hong (youngest brother of Mr. Tan Hoon Khim and youngest son of the late Mr. Tan Tian Chan ) to Miss Chua Cheng Kee (eldest daughter of Mrs. Chua Jin Swee and the late Mr. Chua Jin Swee). The marriage  will take place on 27 January 1927.

Miss Chua  Cheng Yeok Neo nee Mrs. Yap Hock Heng.
Yap Hock Cheng is the son of Yap Yeow Teck of 313 River Valley Road. In 1979, there is notice highlighting the passing of Joseph Yap Hock Heng on 16 August 1979. He is survived by his wife Chua Cheng Yeok, 3 sons (Vincent Yap, Nelson Yap, Frankie Yap), 3 daughters (Lily Yap, Christina Yap, Maggie Yap), 2 daughter-in-laws (Lilian, Vivien), 3 son-in-laws (Johnny, Charlie, Teddy ) and 10 grandchildren.

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