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Wee Seng Kiat and family (Bukit Brown)

Wee Seng Kiat passed away at the age of 53 on 8 June 1939. He is buried in Bukit Brown, Hill 4 Division C, plot 1142. The newspaper article states, Death of Well-know Chinese.  He was the sole proprietor of a liquor firm of Chop Chin Guan Hin, 277 South Bridge Road for over 40 years He was a familiar figure in city and count among a wide circle of friends amongst Europeans, Eurasians, Chinese, Indians and Ceylonese. He leaves behind a wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters. His last address was listed as No. 1 Kirk Terrace.

In an another article dated 12 June 1939, Mrs Wee Seng Kiat (Yeo Mary) , 2 sons (Wee Cheng Hai and Wee Cheng Chwee) and 2 daughters (Wee Poh Neo and Wee Koon Neo) and sister of the late Wee Seng Kiat (Wee Peck Neo) thanked those who attended the funeral. The names matched the names on the tomb shoulder, confirming that this is the tomb of Wee Seng Kiat.

Wee Seng Kiat

Beloved Hsuband Madame Yeo Mary, Sister: Wee Peck Eng
Sons: Wee Cheng Hai, Wee Cheng Chwee
Daughter: Wee Poh Neo , Wee ?

After Wee Seng Kiat's passing, there was an article by the official assignee that declared Wee Seng Kiat a bankrupt (probably arising to creditor loans ) and his assets of Chop Chin Guan Hin was put up for auction. It is from this sale, we can get a snap shot of the type and extend of liquor that were sold by his company which included Champagne, Brandy, Whiskey, Port Wine, Gin, Chinese Tonic, Beer, Stout and Samsu (Moonshine).


Son: Wee Cheng Hai
Engagement was announced between Wee Cheng Hai, eldest son of the late Mr. Wee Seng Kiat and Mrs. Wee Seng Kiat (Yeo Mary) and Miss Kwek Hoe Keow (3rd daughter of Mr. Kwek Noy Chia and the late Madam Tan Kim Kee.

Daughter: Wee Poh Neo.
Enagagement was announced between Mr. Yeo Chuan Chye, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs Yeo Tiong Chin and Miss Wee Poh Neo, the eldest daughter of Mrs Wee Seng Kiat (Madam Yeo Mary) and the late Mr. Wee Seng Kiat. Marriage to take place on Sunday, April 23, 2604 (1944).

Daughter: Wee Koon Neo
Engagement of Mr. Wee Beng Huat, only son of Madam Seet Seok Aik and the late Mr. Wee Sim Hoe to Miss Wee Koon Neo, the youngest daughter of Madam Mary Yeo and the late Wee Seng Kiat.

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