Thursday, June 20, 2019

Filial Piety - He Cried and the Bamboo Sprouted (Stories from the Tiles)

Meng Zong's father passed away when he was young  boy and so was taken care by his mother. Once, when his mother was ill, the physician prescribed that she drink soup made from fresh bamboo shoots. However, it was winter then and there were no fresh bamboo shoots growing. In desperation, Meng Zong went to the bamboo forest alone and cried. As he was hugging the bamboo poles, he heard a loud noise and saw bamboo shoots sprouting out of the ground around him. He was so happy and collected them, went home and made soup for his mother. She managed to recovered from her illness.(source: Wikipedia)

This tiles are seen from below the altar table of a tombstone in Loa Sua (Greater Bukit Brown).

Stone carving of the filial piety story of he cried and the bamboo sprouted 

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