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Madam Tan Mary (Bukit Brown)

Madam Tan Mary or Mary Tan  nee Mrs. Wan Boon Seng passed away on 21st March 1947 at the age of 47. Listed on her tomb are the names of her children; son: Wan Seng Kim daughter: Wan Chwee Neo. Her tomb is located in Hill 1 Division D plot 76.

Father: Lieutenant China Tan Tjap Ngoan
Mary Tan is one of the daughters of Mr. Tan Tjap Ngoan, a Lieutenant China of Dutch held Batam , an appointment he held at the age of 22. He went on to hold the position for almost 40 years. Born in Batam, he was also a produce merchant and rubber estate owner. At the time of death in July 1931 at the age of 77, his residence was list as 10-4, Lorong 1, Teluk Kurau. He is survived by 1 son, Tan Seah Juay, 4 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, Wan Boon Seng of "Bintang Pranakan" and Nah Miah Seng, 2 nephews, Koh Peng Kwang and Tan Teck Juay, 1 grandson-in-law, Yeo Buck Lim and 26 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. In the article, he was said to have been buried in Upper Road Serangoon Cemetery.

source: NewspaperSG

1891 (source: Deplher Kranten)

Husband: Wan Boon Seng

Wan Boon Seng died on June 23, 1957 at 27, Lorong 104 Changi Road. His father was Wan Eng Kiat .Wan Boon Seng was the most prolific translator of chinese classics to Baba Malay. He alone translated 21 titles between 1930-1939 and translated Botan Kingchoo in 1950. His pseudonym was Panah Peranakan. Not only did he translate and publish books, he also published Baba magazines, Bintang Pranakan, Sri Pranakan and Story Teller and two Baba newspapers, Kabar Slalu and Kabar Ucapan Baru.

source: NewspaperSG

"Lek Bohtan" translated by Wan Boon Seng
(at Peranakan Museum)

Magazine called Storyteller  by Wan Boon Seng
(at Peranakan Museum)
Deaths. (1931, July 20). The Straits Times, page 10
Wan Eng Kiat 范英吉 . (Website).Singapore Tombstones Epigraphic Materials 新加坡墓碑铭集录

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