Wee Teck Swee and Tay Peck Neo (Bukit Brown)

Wee Teck Swee was a clerk with the Hackney Carriages & Jinrikishas. Wee Teck Swee passed away at the age of 59 on 10th October 1933. 

Madam Tay Peck Neo, the beloved wife of the late Wee Teck Swee passed on 11 August 1935 at the age of 58 at her residence, No 370 Joo Chiat Road, leaving behind her 4 sons, Wee Guan Hoe, Wee Guan Hai, Wee Guan Khay, Wee Guan Cheng, 5 daughters, 1 son-in-law, Tan Tiow Swan, 2 daughters-in-law and many grandchildren. 

Listed on the tomb are he names of their children;
Sons: Wee Guan Hoe, Wee Guan Hai, Wee Guan Keh, Wee Guan Cheng

Wee Teck Swee and Madam Tay Peck Neo 


Son-in-law: Tan Tiow Swan
Tan Tiow Swan is the son of Tan Boon Guan (chief cashier of Messrs. Adamsen, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd). In Tan Boon Guan obituary notice on 26 February 1935 , his daughter-in-law (or Tan Tiow Swan wife is listed as Madam Wee Soon Neo). 

370 Joo Chiat Road

When Madam Tay Peck Neo passed away in 1934, the residence was mentioned to be 370 Joo Chiat Road. A year late at the very same address, it was reported that Mr. Tay Soon Hong, a local Straits-born Chinese of about 50 years was reported missing. Mr. Tay Soon Hong was once a clerk to Messrs. Jitts & Co.  Is Tay Soon Hong the brother of Madam Tay Peck Neo ? I am not sure. 

Tay Soon Hong 

Hackney Carriages & Jinrikishas

Hackney Carriage and Jinriksha Department of the Singapore Municipality The first rickshaws – small, lightweight, two-wheeled carts drawn by rickshaw pullers – were imported into Singapore from Shanghai in the early 1880s. By 1892, the Hackney Carriage Department had established a Jinrikisha Department to register, license and control the Singapore rickshaw population through the enactment of the Jinricksha Ordinance. The first registrar was William Edward Hooper  also known as W.E. Hooper (1858-1939)  who became the registrar for the next 31 years. Hooper Road (near Newton Circus) was named after him. By the 1900s, there were over 8,000 registered rickshaws manned by around 20,000 to 30,000 pullers working in shifts. After World War II, rickshaws were phased out and replaced by trishaws for short-distance transportation.

It was during Mr. W.E. Hooper time, that the clerks of the department was Wee Teck Swee and his brother Wee Teck Leong. 

Rickshaw's eventually were replaced with modern transportation

Location of tomb 
Wee Teck Swee tomb is in Hill 3 Section D , plot 205

Death. (1935, August 12). Malaya Tribune, page 10



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