Ubin Island is located at the northeast part of Singapore and is accessible via "bumboats" (essentially wooden boats with a diesel engine. What makes it unique is the used car tires at the boat sides allowing boats that are moored together to "bump" into each other without causing any damage) at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, close proximity to Changi Point Bus Terminal and Changi Point Hawker Center.

Getting there and what to bring

By public transport, you can take buses no 2, 9 (from Tanah Merah MRT), no 19, 29 (from Tampines MRT) and finally Bus 89 from Hougang Central. Do note that only buses no 2 and 29 will bring you straight to the Changi Bus Terminal. Within the Ferry terminal itself, there are boats to Pengerang (a place in south Johor, Malaysia) and Ubin. It is clearly differentiated, but if you are a worry-monger, no worries -just ask the locals ! The boat ride itself costs $3.00 one-way, and works with a system that once there are 12 pax, it will leave. If there are insufficient people, you can charter the entire boat for $36.

Ubin Jetty and Bumboat
Ubin Jetty in 1965
Attached are two pictures of the jetty taken at different periods of time. Hmm..i will write an article about this in the near future, but in meantime, once you arrived in the village, there are many modes of transport one could take: by bicycle, by Ubin's local van and the most friendliest way -take a leisurely stroll. The great news is no matter what your choice is, you will not get ripped off. The people there are overall friendly and prices are fixed -no need to bargin. You can get all your essentials: water, raincoat, food, etc in the village center itself, but one thing you can't get is cash ! There are no ATM's there.

What to do and where to go

Birdwatching and the great seafood setting in a village by the sea is one of the main reason i go to Ubin all the time. You can pay a visit to the quarry and also Chek Jawa.

Heritage and Nostalgia

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Chek Jawa

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