Monday, November 01, 2010

Kranji Marshland walk

After a day of almost continuous rain, it was a nice breezy morning in Kranji Marshland and excellent day for deciding to go for a walk there.

A couple of highlights today including spotting of a solitary female Asian Paradise flycatcher darting around mid level of an Albizia tree and a solitary Black shouldered Kite hovering over an open space, diving down then soaring to another spot to hover and repeating the behaviour over again.

Kite hovering

A raptor flew across us pretty low. I was not sure what it was but some of it markings look like a oriental honey buzzard. Heard many calls of raptors as well. This is a good indication waters around here are thriving with fish life that is able to support them(?). I also saw a number of illegal fishing happening around the reservoir as well. Hopefully authorities will step up in this area either through enforcement or more education

Spotted here:
  1. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (female)
  2. Asian Brown flycatcher
  3. Black Shouldered Kite
  4. Brahminy Kite
  5. White bellied sea eagle (adult and juvenile)
  6. Common flameback woodpecker (male)
  7. Laced woodpecker (female)
  8. Blue-tailed bee eater
  9. Cinnamon Bittern
  10. Black naped Tern
  11. White breasted Waterhen
After the Kranji Marshland, headed down to Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve just to get a quick glimpse of waders there today. The welcoming sight of the resident Scarlet backed flowerpeckers is always a welcoming sight. As i was running out of time and had another appointment for the day, the waders i manage to see included a flock of feeding Little Egrets, Whimbrels, Pacific Gollden Plovers, Mongolian Plovers, Marsh Sandpipers, Redshanks.....the usual suspects...Moral of the story, can't rush thru the waders or you will miss out the rare gems. At the cafeteria near the visitor center, a perched Common Kingfisher made it's appearanced.
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