Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Asian Golden Weaver at Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Park or Tampines Echo Green is a new introduction to residents living in the east. Bordering Tampines and Pasir Ris and visible from the MRT lines, it provides another "green lung" location for us to explore.

Walking distance from Tampines MRT (via Sun Plaza Park)
Alternatively, follow MRT line.
 It was formerly a wasteline, undeveloped for years and was given a new lease of live by NParks and landscaped to mimic a bio-diversity of a marshes, freshwater ponds and secondary forest -all within the 36.5ha park. It also boast an echo toilet where it does not use chemicals to treat human waste and facilities made from recycled materials e.g. signages, park benches, bird viewing hide, etc.

Upon reading in the papers that this place was finally opened, i made my maiden trip there on the 1st May (a public holiday here in Singapore). The overcast sky and light drizzle did not stop from taking a short stroll there.

The first thing that captivated my attention upon reaching there was a male baya  asian golden weaver (Thanks Accidental Birder for correcting me ! ) busily weaving and making its nest. Asian Golden weaver nest are made among the branches unlike a Baya Weaver which nest hangs from the branches. ( I learned something new here !)

Asian Golden Weaver checking out its nest
Asian Golden Weaver off to get more materials for its nest
I observed its activities for almost an hour before continuing my walk. During my observation, i also spotted 2 Pied Trillers on a tree above. I also hope to come back to this spot to see how the nest turns out and whether it can withstand forces of nature such as rain, etc.

More about the rest of the Tampines Eco Green trail in a later post !


calvin Chang said...

Those are not Baya Weavers. They are Asian Golden Weavers. Note that the way they make their nest is different. Baya's nest hangs from the tree branches while the Asian Golden Weavers made them among the branches.

Rojak Librarian said...

Calvin, you are right !! (After Reading up further) Oops ! Thks so much for correcting me.