Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ubin Temple festival

It's 17th May, Vesak Day and it coincides with the Tua Pek Kong (Da Bo Gong ) festival. The jetty is decorated with colorful flags and yes, there are lots of devotees present here today as well. The festive atmosphere is added on with a chinese opera (wayang) performance that happens at 7.30pm.

We arrived around 4.00 pm ,when activities are on-going with devotees going about their routine of joystick offerings and burning of paper money. We had enough time to also sneak in a nature walk to check out the birds before returning to observe the temple rituals as well as the Chinese opera.
Beautifully decorated jetty 

Temple festivities

Taoist Priest crossing the Ping Ann bridge

Best seats in town 

Chinese Opera performance

We left around 9 pm having fully enjoyed and soaked in the festive atmosphere. It is not often you see Ubin crowded way into the night.

Birds spotted
  • 4 Oriental Pied Hornbills near Temple grounds @ 5.30 pm
  • 4 Oriental Pied Hornbills at No 8 Ubin Rd, next to public toilets @ 6.30 pm
  • Scarlet-backed flowerpecker (female) 

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