Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singapore Botanic Gardens and Cut-throat finch

The full portion of the circle line has been up and running since 8 Oct, and that makes getting to Botanic Gardens /Cluny Park a breeze  as there is station that stops there, and it is called Botanic Gardens MRT station. Exiting the stations brings you right at Cluny Park itself. The park itself although not as well known as Botanic Garden's but it holds it own ground by regularly attracting picnickers, joggers and children on their way to visit the Jacob Ballas Children's Gardens. For birders, its star attraction is the Eco lake which plays host to lesser whistling ducks and a family of Black Swans. The trees surrounding the park plays host to other numerous birds such as white breasted waterhen, tailor bird, olive-backed sunbird, pink-neck pigeons, rock pigeons and long tailed parakeets.

Lesser known to many also are 3 chinese graves that is located beside the carapark of Jacob Ballas Children's Gardens. This graves date back to the mid 1800's. See my blog about this graves later on.

 On  Deepavali Public Holiday, we paid a visit to this park to check out the bird life here. This are some of the birds caught on my camera by the Echo Lake. They included a Black Swan with its egg, a white breasted waterhen and finally two Lesser Whistling ducks.

From Top left clockwise - A Black Swan guarding its egg ;Two
Lesser Whistling Ducks; a white breasted waterhen 
The star of the day that caught my eye was an escapee, a small sized bird from a distance that looked like a Eurasian Tree Sparrow but on closer inspection with my bins, it was a cut-throat finch , more commonly found in Africa. The adult males of this species has a bright red band across its throat, so that really made the identification of this bird so much more easier.   

The question is what was this escapee doing here?
Cut-throat Finch

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