Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red-legged Crake at Sungei Buloh

Red-legged Crake
Decided to visit Sungei Buloh on 9th October hoping to see the arrivals of the migratory birds to our region. It was a good day indeed and one of the interesting shy birds i got to see today was a Red-legged crake perched on a mangrove tree by the bridge leading to Hide 1 A. This particular crake was not shy and neither did it take flight when i approached it to take pictures. The tree was located in a well walked area just after the bridge with a number of visitor passing by, but it did not even seem bothered.

It seem well aware i was taking pictures of it and evidence of that with one where the crake was looking back at me !

It was a great day for birdwatching and what a great start indeed. This is my first time seeing a Red-legged crake over here in Sungai Buloh and as you can see from the pictures above, its legs are indeed bright beautiful red. Will post up the list of birds i identified later...but this to me was the bird of the day !

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