Friday, December 06, 2013

Birdwatching in Bidadari - Jambu Fruit Dove ( December 6)

With the rainy season in full effect, December makes bird watching a challenging task. Fortunately today was a "fruitful" (no pun intended) day for me especially when i decided to take leave to do a spot of birding in Bidadari ! I manage to sight and the added bonus of capturing a shot of the Jambu Fruit-Dove ( Ptilinopus jambu ) in Bidadari. This was the only picture i got of it before it flew off (uncropped and cropped)

Can you spot the Jambu Fruit Dove?

 Jambu Fruit-Dove, Male ( Ptilinopus jambu ) 
Today i observed also a male Tanimbar Corella (Cacatua goffiniana) chasing away a beautiful parrot. On closer inspection it was the African Grey Parrot that was being chased away. Two other Tanimbar Corella were busy stripping off the bark of a fish tail fern palm.

African Grey Parrot 

Tanimbar Corella busy stripping the bark of the branch of a fish tail fern
Other birds that i saw today before the 11 am rain forced a closure to today's birding activities.
  • Brown Shrike
  • Dollar Bird
  • Black Baza
  • Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo

Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo

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