Thursday, December 19, 2013

Public exhumation of graves started (Bukit Brown)

The public exhumation of the first phase of graves in Bukit Brown Cemetery began on Tuesday, 17 December, 2013. According to the report, 3,400 graves will be exhumed with a total of 304 graves privately exhumed to-date. The Channel News Asia report highlighted also that the documentation team will witness the exhumation process and family members present will be able to keep burial items recovered or pass it to the National Heritage Board (NHB). But whether it is preserve or not, it is not been confirmed or guaranteed.

The Strait Times report on December 19 indicate the exact number of tombs to be exhumed to be at 3,442.
In all, 1,263 graves have been claimed. Unclaimed remains will be scattered if remain unclaimed for 3 years.

A private exhumation in Bukit Brown held on October 2012

Headstone destroy to indicate moved house

The 8 lane highway that will cut through this Heritage Park
The destruction of this heritage park as begun. However the hope to save the remaining areas have only just began. Can a win win situation be achieved ? I sincerely hope.

Public exhumation at Bukit Brown begins. [website] Channel News Asia
Exhumation at Bukit Brown begins. (2013, December 19). The Straits Times

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