Chua Guan Chui and family (Bukit Brown)

Mr Chua Guan Chui ( Chua Guan Chwee or also spelt as Chua Guan Swee ) from what little information i gathered was a property owner who bought property and rented them out. In a Strait Times article dated 1994, there was mentioned of two bungalows at No. 31 and 33 Scotts Road that in the 1920's belonged to the estate of Chua Guan Chui before it was eventually acquired by the Government in 1981.
Chua Guan Chui


Mr. Chua Guan Chui passed away on January 1,  2603 ( Japanese Koki year for 1943) at the age of 67 at 9:45pm Tokyo Time at his residence at No 152 Cairnhill Road. He is survived by 2 wives,  2 sons, Chua Hock Seng and Master Chua Chye Seng, 7 daughters, 3 son-in-laws ( Wee Thiam Lock, Khoo Tiang Seng and Lim Chong Min ) , 1 daughter-in-law (Mrs Chua Chye Seng nee Lily Tan ) and 12 grandchildren to mourn his loss. His tomb is located in Hill 2 Division F, plot 313

On his tomb, listed are his sons: Chua Hock Seng, Chua Chye Seng, adopted son: Wee Yeow Heng, daughters: Chua Beng Guat, Chua Chit Lee, Chua Guat Neo, Chua Guat Lin, Chua Guat Choo, Chua Guat Eng, Chua Guat Boey.
Chua Guan Chui 

No 75 Cairnhill Road (Darlington House)

The home of Mr. Chua Guan Chui was called Darlington House. The family was evicted by the Japanese military administration from their house and they moved to No 152, Cairnhill Road.

Darlington at No 75 Cairnhill Road circ. 1910. (copyright unknown) 

Family of Chua Guan Chui at No 152 Cairnhill Road
(photo courtesy of Johnny Wee )
The rare photo above gives insights to the family members of Chua Guan Chui's family. In this picture you can see some of the family members posing with Japanese soldiers.


Wife: Tan Hoe Neo
Madam Tan Hoe Neo is the daughter of Mr Tan Keck Geang and Madam Keong Hoon Neo. Madam Tan Hoe Neo passed away on July 14, 1919. Madam Tan Hoe Neo is also the grand daughter of the late Mr. Tan Kim Ching.

Wife: Madam Chee Peck Neo
Further research lead me to a notice of death for Mrs Chuan Guan Chui (nee Madam Chee Peck Neo) who passed away on November 22, 1989 at the age of 90. Listed are her sons, daughters-in-law, daughters and son-in-law providing a gem of information on the Chua Guan Chui family tree as well as names missed out on the tomb (e.g. Chua Choo Long and Chua Chit Nya).
Madam Chee Peck Neo

source: NewspaperSG (November 23, 1989)

Chua Hock Seng (deceased)
Tan Daisy 
Chua Chye Seng 
Chiew Siew Lian, Jenny 
Chua Choo Long (deceased)    
Wee Thiam Lock (deceased)  
Chua Chit Lee (deceased)
Khoo Tian Seng (deceased)
Chua Chit Nya (deceased) 
Lim Chong Meng /
Lim Chong Min (deceased)
Chua Guat Lin, Jessie 
William Millar
Chua Guat Choo, Nancy  
Lim Chuan Seng 
Chua Guat Eng, Winnie
Chua Guat Boey, Rosalind (deceased)  
Cheong Swee Ngo
grandsons, grand-daughters and great grandchildren to mourn her
(Madam Chee Peck Neo) loss. 

Son: Mr. Chua Hock Seng  (Richard Chua Hock Seng )
Mr Chua Hock Seng (eldest son of Mr and Mrs Chua Guan Chui ) was engaged to Miss Wee Siok Gim, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wee Soon Kiat on February 20, 1940. [Whether they were actually married is unknown to me as yet]

Miss Lily Tan, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Chew married Chua Hock Seng, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Chua Guan Chui on December 1942 . The ceremony and reception was held at the bride's father (Mr Tan Chong Chew) residence at Penang Cot, River Valley. The bridesmaid was Miss Ruby Ong and best man, Mr Ong Choon Bee. The marriage was signed and witness by Capt. Noda,  Director Romu Kamri Kaisha, Mr Hoshino of the Information Bureau, Dr A.C Jap and Mr. Lim Chong Min

Mr Chua Hock Seng (eldest son of Mrs Chua Guan Chui and the late Mr Chua Guan Chui) engaged on December 15, 1946 to Miss Daisy Tan, daughter of Mrs Tan Soo Sim and the late Mr Tan Soo Sim, of Malacca. Miss Daisy Tan is the grand daughter of the late Mr. Tan Jiak Choo, J.P.

Daughter: Chua Choo Long
In August 1922, a large gathering of both Chinese and Europeans gentlemen and ladies at Lorong 19, Geylang and later at the brides home in Cairn Hill Road for the marriage of Mr Wee Thiam Lock of East Asiatic Co. Ltd and Miss Chua Choo Long, the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Chua Guan Chwee.
Wee Thiam Lock, Chief Clerk , East Asiatic Co. (seated on left) 1952 

Daughter: Chua Chit Lee
Miss Chua Chit Lee married Khoo Tiang Seng. Madam Chua Chit Lee passed away on September 23, 1988 at the age of 85.
Madam Chua Chit Lee
Daughter: Chua Chit Nya
Miss Chua Chit Nya married Mr Lim Chong Min, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Lim Nee Soon in September 19, 1931 at the Garden Club, Tanah Merah. The best man was Mr. Ong Swee Kee and bridesmaid was Miss Lim Soo Geck, sister of the bridegroom.
Lim Chong Min and Miss Chua Chit Nya
(source: NewspaperSG)
Daughter: Chua Guat Boey
Miss Rosalind Chua Guat Boey passed away on July 15, 1989.
Rosalind Chua Guat Boey 
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Chua Guan Chui. [Website] Roots Web. Tan family tree


  1. A well researched piece. As an addition: Chua Guan Chwee resided at his family home at No. 75 Cairnhill Road (named Darlington). During the Japanese occupation he was forced out of the house and moved across the road to No. 125 Cairnhill where he died.

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