Kho Keng Chuan (Bukit Brown)

Mr. Kho Keng Chuan was born in Malacca and later educated in Raffles Institution. He first worked in Adams, Gilfillan and Co. Ltd. Then he became a salesman in the early 1890's to Mr. Arthur Barker before eventually becoming his partner in Messrs. Barker and Keng Chuan for 23 years.  The office was located in Change Alley. Kho Keng Chuan is also a member of the Straits Chinese British Association.

Kho Keng Chuan and Tan Yew Neo
(photo courtesy of Trent Lai)


Kho Keng Chuan retired in April 1929, due to ill-health. On April 17, 1930 at 1:45 am, he passed away at the age of 60. His tomb lists his 5 sons: Kho Lian Ann (deceased), Kho Lian Cheng (alias Charlie Kho), Kho Lian Guan, Kho Lian Hock, Kho Lian Swee and 6 daughters; Kho Lian Neo, Kho Ann Neo, Kho Joo Neo, Kho Teck Neo, Kho Siam Neo, Kho Bong Neo. Listed are also 2 grandsons, Cary Kho and Jimmy Kho and 1 daughter, Polly Kho.

Tomb of Kho Keng Chuan

Madam Tan Yew Neo (wife of late Kho Keng Chuan and daughter of Tan Kim Teck) passed away at General Hospital at the age of 83 on February 6, 1959. She is survived by 3 sons; Kho Lian Cheng (alias Charlie Kho), Kho Lian Hock, Kho Lian Swee ; 4 daughters, one son-in-law, 3 daughter-in-laws and many grandchildren. The cortege left 21 Sennett Road for Bukit Brown.

source: Lat Pau 1923


Father (Kho Choon Sceng / Kho Choon Seng)
Kho Choon Sceng  passed away at the age of 82 at his residence in No 11 Yan Kit Road on 6th July 1927. He is survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, 4 grandsons and 6 grand daughters and 13 great grand children.

Mother (name unknown)
Kho Keng Chuan's mother passed away at his residence in No 11 Yan Kit Road in March 1917. She is survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, 4 grandsons and 7 grand daughters.

Father-in-law: Song Tiang Kay 
Song Tiang Kay was mentioned in Sir Song's book to be the father-in-law of Kho Keng Chuan. Song Tiang Kay was once a wealthy man who owned a mansion built in Chinese style in North Bridge Road. Song Tiang Kay was the head storekeeper at Gilfillan, Wood & Co for 20 years. He was a shareholder in the firm of Song Soon Guan until the death of Mr. Song Soon Guan in September 18, 1885 when the company eventually failed. Other misfortune lead to his eventual bankruptcy He applied for his bankruptcy to be discharged in 1911. Even his house was sold and it became a pineapple owned by the late Mr. Scaife who was a prominent businessman in preserved pineapples.
source: NewspaperSG

Son:  Kho Lian Cheng alias Charlie Kho
Charlie Kho Lian Cheng passed away at the age of 57 at his residence in 21Sennett Road leaving behind his wife, 3 sons ( Kho Kok Eng, Kho Kok Hian and Kho Kok Yeow ), 1 son-in-law (Tan Keng Yan), 1 daughter, 3 daughter-in-laws, many grandchildren. 

Son: Kho Lian Hock
The engagement was announced on 17th September 1934 between Mr. Kho Lian Hock, (4th son of the late Mr. Kho Keng Chuan and Mrs. Kho Keng Chuan) and Tan Oo Kin Neo /Miss Ong (eldest daughter of Mr. Ong Kim Tiang and the late Mrs. Ong Kim Tiang.

Eldest Daughter: Kho Lean Neo / Kho Lian Neo
Kho Lean Neo married Oon Sim Kong, but due to family quarrels and disagreements, she return home to her father.

Location of tomb

Kho Keng Chuan is buried in Block 3 Division B, plot 669 & 1/2 of 676. 


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  1. Thank you for putting this research together - very delighted to find out more about my ancestor!

  2. Thanks for the detailed info. Wonderful to know about my family history. I did not know what my Grandfather looked like and now I have some of his history. Joan Kho

  3. Tan Kim Teck died in 1912, had a son Tan Hood Swee,hood,keng&oref=article


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