E. Tiang Poh (Bukit Brown)

E.Tiang Poh ( E. Tian Poh ) passed away at the age of 46 on April 11, 1925. He was survived by his son, E. Peng Hoe and a daughter, E. Gek Neo. What was more interesting is that this tomb has an inscription that it  was erected by Eng Wah Kok Association. Who is E. Tiang Poh and what was this association?

I am not able to find much information about the man, but in an article, there was a tender issued in 1909 by E. Tiang Poh for the construction of 10 shophouses in Killiney Road. The plans specifications were made available by Tomlinson and Tian Fook, Architects and Surveyors. E. Tian Poh was also a Committee Member of Eng Wah Kok Association in 1919,

His son, E. Peng Hoe in 1933 appeared before the courts claiming insolvency with cash amounting to $290 and liabilities $774. He attributed the insolvency to having to support his family which included the mother, sister, his wife and 1 child. E. Peng Hoe went on to explain that he is now earning a salary of $40 and the cost of the flat was $10. He offered to pay $1 a month. The court accepted.

E. Tiang Poh 
Eng Wah Kok Association
Eng Wah Kok is a Straits Chinese Association that was founded around 1917. The photo below was submitted by a Mr. Lim Swee Chiang to Straits Times in 1987. In it, was his father, Mr Lim Teck Lay ( 30 years of age at that time) together with fellow Peranakans. One of its luminaries was Aw Boon Haw. Mr. Lim Teck Lay was it's President in 1921-1922. The picture was taken at Mr. Tan Tee Cheng's bungalow, Noel Villa at 100 Joo Chiat Road. Under than the grand bungalow, you can also make out the Eng Wah Kok Association flag on the left and a huge paper lantern on your right.

Eng Wah Kok Association, August 5, 1923 - Sixth Anniversary Celebration
(source: NewspaperSG) 
The association seem to exist for a period up to 1930's after which i found no more information on what happened to this association.

E. Tiang is buried in Block 1, Division F , plot 94.

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