Sunday, August 10, 2014

Singapore 49th National Day celebration in Bukit Brown

This is the third year, the Bukit Brown volunteers (Brownies) held its National Day celebration in Bukit Brown. Exhumation of the tombs have already been completed and soon the highway will be built. The "battle" to save Bukit Brown is already lost, but the awareness drive to save what's left of it continues. This year's celebration is marked with 3 tours followed by the anthem, pledge and 1 minute of silence for the tombs affected by exhumation. All is not solemn as we are here to celebrate Singapore 49th birthday and the traditional brownie tradition of eating and joyful singing continued to the night !

On a brighter note, this year marks the year that Bukit Brown was added into the World Monuments Watch list for 2014  and also a major exhibition was launched featuring the Bukit Brown documentation team findings. The hard work of the volunteers have being bearing fruit as well, getting a number of press mentions this year in both the English and Chinese papers (a legacy for future researchers to continue to fill the gaps ).

Another potential accolade 
During this year's NDP (National Deceased Pioneers ), another good news was announced by the founders of All things Bukit Brown (a.t. Bukit Brown). All things Bukit Brown has been shortlisted for the inaugural Singapore Advocacy Awards 2014, under the category of Civil Society Advocate Organisation of the Year. The nomination was made by Singapore Heritage Society. The winning team will be announced on August 30.

The doors to Singapore rich heritage for us to protect 
The anthem followed by the pledge and a moment of silence
Happy 49th Birthday Singapore !
Our Pioneers and Singapore future leaders together  cheering !

And not forgetting our 4 legged friend too 
Maju-lah Singapura score 10 cents (from 49 years ago)
Maju-lah Singapura score 10 cents (from 49 years ago)
Our Patriotic Guardians 
The Party Continues to the night 
I continue to hope this community will grow stronger as the years go by and more people will step up and take a proactive stand to help to preserve Bukit Brown : Singapore's heritage park and a place where its forefathers helped made this nation great.

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