Thursday, August 14, 2014

Queenstown Heritage Plan unveiled

Queenstown has appeared in today's The Straits Times article titled "Queenstown rolls out heritage plan", which unveiled its heritage blueprint with a five year plan to protect and commemorate its rich history despite redevelopment taking place there. The blueprint conceived by civic group My Community and Queenstown Citizens Consultative Committee calls for the construction of 38 Heritage markers, 11 heritage galleries, 6 neighbourhood heritage corners and a $2 million museum by 2020.

A 1975 Street Directory with pictures of some of the heritage buildings of Queenstown
The above picture was inspired by my guided visit to Queenstown by civic group My Community ( see: Queenstown Heritage Trail: a walk down memory lane ) where i went back to look at a old street directory of the area back in 1975 to see what are the buildings back then. What is also interesting to note is the two roundabouts that exist back then: Queens Circus and Princess Circus.

The heritage markers launched include markers for the conserved Queenstown Public Library and the former Venus and Golden City Theatres.
Heritage marker for Queenstown Public Library
Heritage marker for the former Venus and Golden Theatres 
The final piece of good news is the plan to transform the former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market built by the Singapore Improvement Trust (British Colonial Government precursor of Housing Development Board ) into a museum at a cost of $2 million. Slated to be ready in 2020, it will house artefacts from the 61 year old estate.
From Wet market to Museum  
Queenstown rolls out heritage plan. (2014, August 14 ). The Straits Times
Queenstown Heritage Trail: a walk down memory lane (Part I), posted on July 28, 2014

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