Mrs Koh Sek Lim nee Ang Chit Yan (Bukit Brown)

Madam Ang Chit Yan is buried in Bukit Brown, Hill 4 Section C plot no. 80. She is the wife of Mr. Koh Sek Lim whose legacy is remembered by two road named after him, Koh Sek Lim Road and Xilin Avenue. Madam Ang Chit Yan passed away at her residence Gulega Bedoh Estate, No 655-17, Padang Terbakar, Bedoh (Bedok) at 10:15 pm on Friday, 12th November 1937 at the age of 65. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Koh Sek Lim, 14 sons (Koh Kong Wee, Koh Kong Wan, Koh Kong Boon, Koh Kong Seng, Koh Kong Sun, Koh Kong Hai, Koh Kong Leong, Koh Kong Hor, Koh Kong Thian and 5 others, 5 daughters-in-law, (Mrs. Koh Kong Wee, Mrs. Koh Kong Wan. Mrs. Koh Kong Seng, Mrs. Koh Kong Sun, Mrs, Koh Kong Hor, 10 daughters, 4 son-in-laws ( Yeo Eng Tiong, Wee Swee Seng, Lim Teck Seng, Lim Eng Yong and 30 grandchildren).

On her tombstones, the complete names of the sons and daughters include:
Sons: Koh Kong Wee, Koh Kong Wan, Koh Kong Boon, Koh Kong Seng, Koh Kong Sun, Koh Kong Hai, Koh Kong Leong, Koh Kong Hor, Koh Kong Thian, Koh Kong Choo, Koh Kong Boo, Koh Kong Eng, Koh Kong Liang, Koh Kong Ann

Daughters: Koh Twa Nia, Koh Sah Nia, Koh Seet Nia, Koh Luk Nia, Koh Pek Nia, Koh Kow Nia, Koh Chup Nia, Koh Chup Itt Nia, Koh Chup Jee Nia, Koh Kong Neo

Grandson: Harry Koh

Grand-daughter: Rosy Koh, Daisy Koh, Merry Koh, Maggie Koh.

Tomb of Mrs Koh Sek Lim nee Madam Ang Chit Yan in Bukit Brown
Tomb of Mrs Koh Sek Lim nee Madam Ang Chit Yan in Bukit Brown  

Koh Sek Lim (1864-1948)

Koh Sek Lim is a Hokkien, who came down from Malacca as a youth and was said to have work in bicycle repairs. He saved money to purchase property where he rented it out and also land, where he planted coconuts and rubber. His estate was said to stretch from Bedok Road to areas where Singapore Expo, the East MRT depot and the New Water plant is. Later, part of his estates was used as sand pits where sand was mined and used in Singapore's building industry.

Koh Sek Lim was also an auctioneer who ran his business from No. 3 Malacca Street and No 20 Raffles Place before it was sold off in June 27, 1924 to Yeo Eng Hoe of C-1, Sit Wah Road.
He rented houses from 501, Padang Terbakar, Bedoh. There was also an interesting article in the Singapore Free Press dated September 25, 1912 of Koh Sek Lim and sons cutting their towchangs or queue at his residence called "Raffles House" at 456 Geylang Road.

source: NewspaperSG
source: NewspaperSG
source: NewspaperSG


I could not find the exact date where Koh Sek Lim passed away. However there was an article in August 25, 1948 where the family of the late Mr. Koh Sek Lim thanked Rev. Chew Hock Hin, Rev. Khoo Chiang Bee, Pastor Low Kway Song, Messrs. Lim Yew Chye, T.S. Kung and Chan Wah Teck, Members and Choir Members of Geylang Straits Chinese Methodist Church and Bedok Methodist Chapel for their time. From the book, Singapore Street Names (by V.R, Savage) it states that Koh Sek Lim has 7 wives. Unfortunately other than Madam Ang Chit Yan, i am not able to find the names of the rest of his wives. 

[Post article update: 21/6/2023] Kok Sek Lim passed away on 20 August 1948 at the age of 80.

Niche of Koh Sek Lim 
(photo courtesy of LoSongs)


Son: Koh Kong Wee
Koh Kong Wee worked for Sisson & Delay (1930). Mrs Koh Kong Wee (Madam Tan Kiam Neo) passed away on March 1, 1988 at the age of 88.

Son: Koh Kong Seng
Koh Kong Seng  married Miss Glory Low ( daughter of Mr and Mrs Low Kway Song). Their eldest son is Harry Koh Teck Hin.

Son: Koh Kong Sun
Mrs Koh Kong Sun nee Madam Chee Siok Neo passed away at the age of 42 on April 29, 1959 at 1D Gulega Road leaving behind her husband, 8 sons and 2 daughters.

Son: Koh Kong Hai (1910-? )
Koh Kong Hai married Miss Cheong Keong Tuan (3rd daughter of Cheong Koon Seng and Chia Siew Tin) on August 31, 1940 at Wesley Church. Koh Kong Hai attended St.Andrew's School till age of 15 and worked as a foreman with the government office.

Koh Kong Hai passed away on May 15, 1988 and is survived by his wife, his daughters: Maureen Koh (son-in-law, Lim Kim Leong), Mildred Koh (son-in-law, Adrian Goh), son: Allan Koh
Grandchildren: Keith, Lisa, Jill, May, Mark, Allison. His residence was at 26 Bowmont Gardens.

Koh Kong Hai and Cheong Keong Tuan 
Son: Koh Kong Thian
Koh Kong Thian passed away on Jan 2, 1982. Mrs Koh Kong Thian (nee Ong Phaik Hoon) passed away on March 20, 1987. She is survived by her children: Dennis Koh, Daniel Koh and Nancy Koh.

Son: Koh Kong Boo
Koh Kong Boo, son of Mrs. Koh Sek Lim and the late Mr. Koh Sek Lim engaged with Miss Emma Wong Kay Siong, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wong Chai Lung in July 1950.

Daughter: Koh Sah Nia
Koh Sangh Nya (likely Koh Sah Nia) engaged with Wee Swee Seng (second son of Wee Khiam Long) in May 1926

Land Acqusition and Land use

325 acres of land was acquired by the government from Public Trustees of the estate of Koh Sek Lim in 1954 for $750,000 for resettlement and development. Despite that, there was still land held in trust. In 1957, the Public Trustees called for a tender to invite bidders to pluck 20,000 coconuts from the estate.
Koh Sek Lim Road

[Still researching for more leads]

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  1. Ang Chit Yan may not have been the legal wife of Koh Sek Lim. His 'legal' (if by legal he was allowed to have 2 registered wives) are surname Lim and Chua

    Sons : K. Wee, K. Wan, K. Boon, K. Seng, K. San, K. Hai, K. Hai, K. Hor, K. Thiam, K. Choo, K. Boo, K. Heng, K. Liang, K. Ann, K. Gee, K. Soon

    Daughters, Sam Nia, Seet Nia, Luck Nia, Peak NIa, Kau Nia, Chup Nia, Chup-Jt Nia, Chup-Je Nia, Kong Neo

  2. Sorry .. just found out .. Ang Chit Yan is wife numero uno..

    Possibly not listed in the will due to her death.. only wife 2 and 5 were named.

    KSL died 20 August.

  3. ohhh ... where is his niche located?

    1. Go to Choa Chu Kang NEA office. Provide the info and you will get the niche and block number


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