Yeo Lock Gee (Lao Sua)

The beautiful tomb of Yeo Lock Gee (Yeo Lock Ghee) and her mother (Mrs Yeo Hock Chuan)are found in Lao Sua (Greater Bukit Brown) right almost on top of a Hill overlooking the Pan Island Expressway.
Mother of Yeo Lock Gee
On the tomb of mother of Yeo Lock Gee are listed the following names:
Sons: ( Yeo Lock Gee, Yeo Lock Sum, Yeo Lock Choon ) ; Daughters: ( Yeo Watt Neo, Yeo Gin Neo ) ; Grandsons: ( Yeo Eng Wah, Yeo Eng Tiong, Yeo Eng Kiat, Yeo Eng Seng, Yeo Eng Hoe, Yeo Eng Hoo, Yeo Eng Hee ) ;

Grand-daughters: ( Yeo Sim Neo, Yeo Im Choo, Yeo Goh Neo, Yeo Luck Neo ) ; Great Grandsons: ( Yeo Tiang Soon, Yeo Tiang Siew, Yeo Tiang Hong, Yeo Tiang Sun, Yeo Tiang Chwee, Yeo Tiang Kim ) ; Great Grand daughters: Yeo Poh Kin, Yeo Poh Neo, Yeo Cheng Neo
Sons and Grandsons
Yeo Lock Gee's tomb 
Tomb of Yeo Lock Gee
Yeo Lock Gee / Yeo Lock Ghee passed away at the age of 56 on December 25, 1925 at his residence C-1  Sit Wah Road (off Outram Road).  He leaves behind him 5 sons, Yeo Eng Wah, Yeo Eng Tjong, Yeo Eng Kiat, Yeo Eng Seng, Yeo Eng Hoe, 5 daughter-in-law, 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 19 grandchildren to mourn his loss. The funeral took place on December 29, 1925 at Tua Pah Yoh (Toa Payoh). The executors of his will are Tan Hock Moh (his son-in-law) and Yeo Eng Seng. His wife, Madam Chua Bee Hong Neo passed away on 28 April  1920.

7 years after his death, there was an advertisment describing the auction sale of the items of Yeo Lock Gee's estate.  Included in it were polished teak and Canton blackwood house furniture, one large iron safe (by M. Wanner, Hamburg) and other furniture. In 1947, No B and No C-1 Sit Wah Road, freehold land and house of Yeo Lock Gee was sold.

On the tomb of Yeo Lock Gee are listed the following names:
Sons: Yeo Eng Wah, Yeo Eng Tiong, Yeo Eng Kiat, Yeo Eng Seng, Yeo Eng Hoe,
Daughter-in-laws: Chua Keng Neo, Koh Kim Neo, Ong Yeam Neo, Koh Choo Neo
Son-in-laws: Tan Hock Moh, Tan Leong Bin
Grand daughters: Yeo Poh Kim, Yeo Poh Neo, Yeo Cheng Neo
Grandchildren: Tan Beng Chuan, Tan Beng Kim
Sons of Yeo Lock Gee 
Son: Yeo Eng Tiong
Yeo Eng Tiong married the daughter of Koh Sek Lim.

Son: Yeo Eng Kiat
The photo features Yeo Tiang Hoon (at the time 8 years old) and his older brother, Yeo Tiang Hock, (10 years ) on the right. In the middle, is Mr Yeo Eng Kiat who was about 30 years old when this picture was taken.
Photo courtesy of Aaron koh
Photo courtesy of Aaron Koh 
After the fall of Singapore in February 15, 1942 , many Chinese were rounded up, what was later known as Operation "Sook Ching" or purge through cleansing. Among the victims was Yeo Tiang Hock who together with his uncle was rounded up. Oral accounts from the family recount that Yeo Tiang Hock stood in front of his uncle and took the bullet for his uncle. This uncle made it alive to tell the tale.

Yeo Eng Kiat passed away at the age of 80 on November 28, 1972 at 27, Marshall Road. He is survived by his son Yeo Tiang Hoon, daughter Yeo Swee Neo (baby), son-in-law, daughter-in-law and 5 grandchildren.

Ornate features of the Yeo cluster of tombs
The tomb of Yeo Lock Gee and her mother are beautiful and ornate with Sikh /Punjabi statutes as guardians and both share beautiful ornate altar table.

Punjabi /Sikh Guards
Ornate altar table with dragons and lions 

Yeo Lock Gee's tomb with ornate features

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