Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bukit Brown Iron Wrought Gates refurbished, columns relocated

Below are some of the last picture i took of the iconic gates of Bukit Brown in  its current location since Bukit Brown's first opening as a Municipal Cemetery in 1922 before its eventual relocation (reported on Straits Times, September 30) and the group that joined me for my guided tour in July 5 and September 6. It was a matter of time as the gates stood in the middle of the highway that is been constructed that will cut through Bukit Brown Heritage Park, but was is heartening to note is the good news that the gates will be conserved.

Last look at the gates of Bukit Brown 

My July 5 participants

Below is the photo i took at back in 2008 when the highway was not built yet and the area green and beautiful. 

Gates of Bukit Brown in 2008 


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