Madam Khor Lye Gin (Bukit Brown)

This unique marble tomb located at Block 3 Division A belongs to Madam Khor Lye Gin who passed away at the age of 31 on March 11, 1929.  Listed on her tomb are her sons: Tan Kwee Wah, Chew Kim Swee, daughter: Tan Kam Peck and grandchildren; Tan Siew Ai, Tan Ee San.

There is not much details i found about Madam Khor Lye Gin, but i found some information about her son and daughter. Dr Tan Kwee Wah studied at Raffles Institution and later was at Nair Hospital, Bombay for several years before going to United States and later graduating from North-Western University, Chicago with the degree of Dental Surgery. He continued by pursuing a Fellowship at Leonie Guggenhin Foundation Dental Clinic, New York.  In the very same 1947 article, it mentions her sister, Tan Kam Peck as a tutorial staff with the Merchantile Institution.

Fast forward to 1959 and 1963. There were two mentions of a  Dr Tan Kwee Wah based in Muar, were a Dr Tan Kwee Wah was standing for district elections at Muar Pantai in 1959 and 1963, of a Dr. Tan Kwee Wah who was the President of the Rotary Club in Muar. Unfortunately i can't ascertain whether they are the same person.


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