Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Koh Huat Heng (Bukit Brown)

Miss Koh Huat Heng (10th April 1922- 12th July 1928) passed away at the young age of 7. She was the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs. Koh Swee Chiang. She is buried in Block 2 Division G, plot 23 of Bukit Brown.

Miss Koh Huat Heng (died age 7)

Her father, Koh Swee Chiang was the honorary sports secretary of the Amicable Athletic Association and honorary secretary of the Singapore Chinese Football Association and well known in the Sports circle. He was also a Postmaster of the Newton Post Office (1947 period)

Koh Swee Chiang (front row, first person) 


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