Soh Leng Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Soh Leng Neo passed away on March 19, 1934 at No. 1 Lorong 36 Geylang at the age of 78 years. She is survived by her sons, Wee Giang Tye and Wee Giang Kiat. Madam Soh Leng Neo is buried in Hill 3 Division D, plot 239. Listed on her tomb are also the name of her daughter; Wee Chik Neo, Grandsons; Eddie Wee, Elec Wee, Charlie Wee, William Wee, Wee Mak Kim and Granddaughters: Wee Pin Neo, Amy Wee, Rani Wee, Irene Wee, Millie Wee

Son: Wee Giang Tye /Wee Giang Thye
In a newspaper article dated 1958, Wee Giang Tye, then 67 was reported as the oldest staff to serve the Netherlands Trading Society's Singapore Branch.  He studied in Raffles Institution and started working there when he turned 17 years of age at monthly salary of $30.

Son: Wee Giang Kiat
Wee Giang Kiat (Kechut) passsed away on  28 March 1968. He was a Vice-President of the Forget-Me-Not Party in 1929.


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Unknown said…
Hi there,
I am contacting you from Sydney Australia regarding you blog from 15th March 2017 Soh Leng Neo (Bukit Brown).

Wee Giang Tye was my great grandfather, Amy Wee was my grandmother. I am in the middle of completing family tree research when I stumbled across your blog!! Any other info you can provide me would be much appreciated. Is the grave you photographed still there?
Rojak Librarian said…
Hi Julia,

The tomb is still there. I don't have other info i am afraid.
Unknown said…
Great, thanks so much. I'll be sure to visit next time I'm in Singapore. I am really happy to have come across this blog entry, it has helped further my research Thank you again!
Unknown said…
Dear Julia,

I came across your post while researching my own family tree - Wee Giang Kiat was my great-grandfather. Millie Wee was my grandmother. This is pretty amazing. I wondered if you might like to get in touch and exchange what information we have on our respective ends.


PS Rojak Librarian - thank you very much!
Unknown said…
Hi Shirin,
let’s definitely get in touch and share info! Im glad you saw my comment. My dad went to Singapore last week and got more detailed photos of the grave. What is your email address?
Unknown said…
Also, look me up on and we can link family trees there.
Anonymous said…
Hi Shirin and Julia,

Could you leave your email, please?

Anonymous said…
Hi anonymous
You can reach me at
I assume this is about family tree research?

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