Thursday, August 30, 2018

Madam Tan Jit Neo (Lao Sua)

Madam Tan Jit Neo (1888-1914) was born on 13th August 1888 and passed away on 15th May 1914. She was 26 years old when she passed away. She is survived by 1 son, Quah Peng Gam and 1 daughter, Quah Peck Hay. Her tomb headstone although is bad condition, is a tomb that is beautifully decorated with decorative tiles that look like Delft tiles.

Madam Tan Jit Neo

Decorative tiles 

"Delft like" Decorative tiles 

Overview of Madam Tan Jit Neo's tomb with lovely decorative tiles 

I do not have much information about the family of Madam Tan Jit Neo. In fact, i don't even have the name of Madam Tan Jit Neo's husband. As for her children, there was an article dated 25 April 1949 that mention's the engagement of Miss Nonne Quah (the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Quah Peng Gam ) with Mr. Quek Too Mong (third son of Madam Tan Kah Jeu and the late Mr. Quek Peng Kim). But without knowing more details of the family tree,it is now speculation that this Quah Peng Gam is indeed the son of Madam Tan Jit Neo.

Madam Nonne Quah nee Mrs Quek Too Mong passed away at the age of 47 on 28 July 1971. She is survived by her parents, husband, brother, 2 sons, Francis Quek, Steven Quek, 1 daughter, Judy Quek. The cortege left from 43 Farleigh Avenue for cremation at Mount Vernon crematorium.

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