Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mrs. Wee Ek and Family (Lao Sua)

Mrs. Wee Ek passed away on 28th May 1911. On her tomb are the names of her son; Wee Leok Jim, Wee Whatt Whay, Wee Whay Seo, Wee Chye Kim, daughter; Wee Kim Heok, grandson; Wee Cheng Hock, grand daughter; Wee Cheng Lian.
Mrs. Wee Ek 
While exploring another part of the same hill on a different day, we came across the tomb of Wee Leok Jim who passed away less than a month after the death of her mother. He passed away on 14th June 1911. He is survived by 1 son, Wee Cheng Lock and 1 daughter, Wee Cheng Lian.

Wee Leok Jim 
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