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Cheang Jim Kong (Kopi Sua Cemetery)

A newspaper article dated 10th December 1949 announced the death of Cheang Jim Kong, (a son of the late Cheang Hong Lim) at his residence at No. 177 Havelock Road on 7th December 1949 at 12:05 am. He was survived by his wife, 7 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws and 1 granddaughter. Cheang Jim Kong was buried in Whitley Cemetery. From the tomb engraving, Cheang Jim Kong passed away on 7th December 1949 at the age of 70. The name of the children listed on his tomb are sons; Cheang Moh Yam, Cheang Moh Seng, Cheang Moh Chye, Cheang Moh Kim, Cheang Moh Hwa, Cheang Moh Hock, Cheang Moh Kee and daughters; Cheang Siew Neo, Cheang Chee Neo, Cheang Soo Neo, granddaughter; Cheang Siok Tin.

Cheang Jim Kong

Cheang Jim Kong's tomb unveiled after clearing
From past experience, we know that Whitley Cemetery was know "colloquially" as Kopi Sua, but it still a large cemetery system with parts of it cut of due to the construction of the Pan Island Expressway. Recently while exploring the section of Kopi Sua area that was cut of by the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) we rediscovered the tomb of Cheang Jim Kong which was covered by undergrowth. The entrance to this section of cemetery complex is via the long staircase just before St.Joseph Institution (along Whitley Road).


Father: Cheang Hong Lim
Cheang Hong Lim  章芳琳 ( 1841-1893),  J.P. was born in Singapore and is the eldest of 4 sons of Mr Cheang Sam Teo  who migrated from China and started his business in partnership with Mr. Tay Hong Long (father of Mr. Tay Ho Swee) under the name of chop Teang Wat, located at Telok Ayer Street. The main business were Opium and Sirih (Betel nut farm). After Cheang Sam Teo passed away in 1920, the company became Cheang Hong Lim and Co. or Chop Teang Wat Wan Kee and later Chop Wan Seng. Cheang Hong Lim passed away on February 11, 1893 leaving behind a large amount of property for distribution among his many children; which include sons: Cheang Jim HeanCheang Jim Chuan, Cheang Jim Kheng, Cheang Jim Khean, Cheang Jim Siew, Cheang Jim Ho, Cheang Jim Seong, Cheang Jim Eng, Cheang Jim Kwan, Cheang Jim Kong and Cheang Jim Khoon.
Cheang Hong Lim

Son: Cheang Moh Chye
Cheang Moh Chye (third son of the late Cheang Jim Kong) got engaged to Miss Khoo Chwee Hwa (eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Khoo Kay Tye) on 31 May 1952.

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