Sng Chu Sien and family (Lao Sua)

Sng Chu Sien / Sng Choo Sian was a Chinese Accountant in the Official Assignee's office were he served for over 20 years. He was also a member of many clubs, including a club called E Lam Teng. Sng Chu Sien passed away on 29th November 1915 at the age of 58 at his residence in No. 63, Club Street. He is survived by his widow, 3 sons (among them; Sng Tiong Geok, Sng Soo Geok ) and 9 grandchildren to mourn his loss. A large procession of people attended and this included representatives of A.D.A (Amateur Drawing Association), Y.M.F.S. , the White Suit Party,  the Hock Yew Whay Kuan, the Chinese staff of the P. and O. , the District Court and the Official Assignee's office. He was buried in a Chinese Cemetery in Bukit Timah. The tomb is located in Lao Sua and is one of the larger ones we seen in this area but unfortunately a huge tree has fallen on it. The tomb has beautiful decorative tiles and lion statues. The names on the tomb that can be deciphered (with the help from Raymond Goh)
Sons : Sng Tiong Geok, Sng Soo Geok, Sng Puay Geok
Grandsons : Sng Yew Hee (Son of Soo Geok), Sng Yew Lim, Sng Yew Koon, Sng Yew Min

Sng Chu Sien / Sng Choo Sian 

Sng Chu Sien tomb with the fallen tree blocking its courtyard


Wife: Madam Chia Swee Eng 
Madam Chia Swee Eng passed away at her residence at 105 Pasir Panjang on 26 March 1933 at the age of 77. She is survived by Sng Soo Geok, Compradore of the P. & O. Banking Corporation, Sng Puay Geok, 9 grandsons, 4 granddaughters, 3 grand-son-in-laws, 12 great grandchildren.

Son: Sng Tiong Geok / Sng Teong Geok
Sng Teong Geok joined the Government Service as an Interpreter after he finished his education and work there for 20 years. At the establishment of P. &.O Banking Corporation, Sng Teong Geok joined and became the Compradore of the P. & O. Banking Corporation. He passed away due to cancer of the liver on 2nd March 1927 at the age of 43 at his residence in No. 63 Club Street. He is survived by his widow, 5 sons and a daughter and a brother Sng Soon Geok. He was buried in Bukit Brown and the tomb was affected by the 8 lane highway.  Their only daughter, Miss Sng Eng Neo  married See Boon Leong (the eldest son of Mr and Mrs. See Teong Wah, J.P, M.C., Compradore of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ) the managing director of Lat Pau on 11 May 1927. Both Sng Eng Neo and See Boon Leong's tomb are also affected by the highway and no longer exist.

Mr and Mrs Sng Teong Geok (Bukit Brown)
See Boon Leong and wife Sng Eng Neo (Bukit Brown)

Sng Eng Neo (daughter of Sng Teong Geok)

Son: Sng Soo Geok 
Sng Soo Geok was the Compradore of the P. & O. Banking Corporation, just like his brother. He was a avid ping pong player when he was with Amateur Drawing Association. Unfortunately, i am yet to find out more information about Sng Soo Geok and when he passed away and the names of his children.

There was a notice of marriage on May 27, 1932 between Miss Sng (second daughter of Mr and Mrs Sng Soo Geok) and Mr. Ee Han Swee of A.P. Co. Central Laboratory (youngest son of the late Mr. Ee Chuan Hin formerly store keeper of Messrs. Paterson Simons Ltd. The wedding took place at 105 Pasir Panjang.

Sng Yew Koon (nephew of Mr and Mrs Sng Soo Geok) married Miss Tok Beng Choo, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Tok Hong Kiat. In the photo below, Mr and Mrs Sng Yew Koon are flanked by Mr. Tan Yong Poh (the best man) and Miss Tan Mui Hiang.

Sng Yew Koon and Tok Bing Choo

An interesting note, Sng Yew Koon father-in-law, Tok Hong Kiat was one of the many people who went missing after the fall of Singapore. He was last seen being taken away to the holding area in Jalan Besar and likely a victim of Sook Ching. His mother-in-law, Madam Tan Chim Neo who died in 1st January 1938 is buried in Bukit Brown in Hill 3 Division C, plot 170.
Likely victim of Sook Ching

[research on-going]


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