Tan Beng Chye and family (Bukit Brown)

The family cluster of Tan Gim Wee has always been an interesting cluster of family tombs. Over the years, i passed through the once fenced gates to visit. Unfortunately, i have been slow to map the family tree of people buried in that cluster. While checking out the tomb that is partially covered by the fig tree, a name was visible: Madam Ang Chuan Neo , with no mention of death date.
Checking closer the tomb shoulder, i could also make up two name of her daughters, Tan Siew Lian and Tan Siew Chin (the rest of the name were partially covered). Checking further with the information i have, i found an article that mentions a Madam Ang Chuan Neo who passed away on 15th December 1980 at the age of 77. She is survived by her daughters; Tan Siew Lian, Tan Siew Chin, Tan Siew Kee, Tan Siew Hok Hazel, Tan Siew Tuan Noreen, Nellie Koh (adopted) and son-in-laws; Loh Mah Siong, Wee Kheng Siong, Teo Khoo Siong, Chia Boon Siang, Lawrence, Quek Liang Teck, George and Lim Tiong Hup, Henry and many grand and great grand children. She was interned in Choa Chu Kang cemetery. So far the findings of the empty tomb and 2 of her daughters name matches. There is also a record of an engagement of Tan Siew Lan (daughter of Tan Beng Chye) to Loh Moh Siang, and Tan Beng Chye is the son of Tan Gim Wee, hence the reason the tomb is within the compound of the gated area, that leads me to the conclusion that the tomb covered by the fig tree is the tomb of Tan Beng Chye.

Madam Ang Chuan Neo 

Madam Ang Chuan Neo's name on the marble stone 

Name of the daughters

empty tomb of  Madam Ang Chuan Neo 

Tan Beng Chye passed away on 10th February 1936 at the age of 35 at 203 Gaylang Road. He is survived by his mother,  wife, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 1 son and 5 daughters. Tan Beng Chye was buried in Bukit Brown, Hill 3 Division A, plot 347.

Daughter: Tan Siew Lian
Engagement was announced on 24th July 1946 of Mr. Loh Mah Siong (only son of the late Mr. Loh Kim Sye and Mrs Loh Kim Sye) and Miss Tan Siew Lian (eldest daughter of the late Mr. Tan Beng Chye and Mrs.Tan Beng Chye).

Daughter: Tan Siew Kee
The nearest information i could find was the obituary notice of Teo Khoo Siong (husband of Madam Tan Siew Chin) who passed away on 30th August 1990 at the age of 69.  He is survived by 2 sons; Teo Ying Cheong Peter, Teo Eng Joo Andrew, 2 daughter-in-laws; Tan Geok Sim Nancy, Leong Kwee Chern Liza, 2 daughters; Teo Kim Leng Mabel, Teo Kim Yean,  1 son-in-law; Lim Kwee Huat.
Obituary notice of Teo Khoo Siong 

Daughter: Tan Siew Tuan Noreen
Again, the nearest information i could find was the obituary notice of Henry Lim alias Henry LimTiong Hup (son of the late Lim Kian Soon and husband of Madam Noreen Tan Siew Tuan) who passed away on 30th August 1990 at the age of 74. He is survived by his wife, 2 sons; Jeffrey Lim Yew Kiat, Jackson Lim Yew Jin,  1 daughter-in-law; Mavis Han Su Ying, 1 daughter; June Lim Geok Lin, 1 son-in-law; Paul Keok, 2 grandsons; Malcom Lim Tze-Kai, Marcus Lim Tze-Rei and 2 granddaughters; Laura Angelica Koek, Laureen Angelina, Koek,

Obituary notice of Henry Lim Tiong Hup 

Tan Beng Chye's tomb is covered by the fig tree ( on the right of Mr Teo Kim Eng and Madam Tan Bee Hoon)

Obituary notice of Madam Ang Chuan Neo 

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