Monday, October 15, 2018

Bukit Brown highway opens on 28th October 2018

The day has finally arrived and the dual four lane road will be opened soon after several delays. If you have read the papers recently, the word dual four lane road was no longer used and instead most major local media (e.g. The Straits Times, Channel Newsasia) call it for what it was all along, a "HIGHWAY"(coined now as Lornie Highway). But wait a moment, people's memory may be short, but the press releases published by the authorities back in 2011 don't lie, as the road project back then downplayed the use of the word "highway" and avoided the use of it, instead called it a dual four lane road (in which most of the civic society that spoke against its construction and wanted to put a stop against what was essentially a highway that will leave a permanent scar on this valuable heritage park). As well know, the exhumation and the highway continued and if no further changes in mindset by the stakeholders and decision makers of heritage and nature of Singapore, Bukit Brown's future looks even more bleak as The Strait Times (18 October 2018) article highlighted and reinforced what was already mentioned in the past and i quote; "Lornie Highway is meant to cater to growth in future traffic demand arising from redevelopment of the Bukit Brown area".With the Toa Payoh extension development already underway and the Bukit Brown MRT infrastructure in place, the count down to the demise of a place that has potential to be a UNESCO World Heritage site is drawing closer.

The new Bukit Brown/ Lornie Highway 

Latest headlines calling it what we all knew it is was all along- a highway

The early years when it was labelled as a dual four lane road 

Bukit Brown / Lornie Highway 

Kheam Hock Road looking different


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1st phase of Lornie Highway opens on Oct 28. (2018, October 12) The Straits Times (online).

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