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Goh Sin Choon and family (Lao Sua)

Goh Sin Choon (1856-1914) died on 8th March 1914. He is survived by 2 sons; Goh Tiang Lee, Goh Tiang Keng, 2 daughters; Goh Sock Lim, Goh Sock Kim, 2 grandsons, Goh Sian Kay, Goh Sian Poh, granddaughters, Goh Chwee Bee, Goh Chwee Luan.

Goh Sin Choon 

Goh Sin Choon tomb in Lao Sua

Decorative tiles
The tomb is adorned with beautiful decorative tiles, an indication of wealth and along with the carvings in English, i wondered who was Goh Sin Choon. The first article i found was one in 1883 / 1884 where Goh Sin Choon and Tan Hood were listed as executors of the last will and testament of the late Khoo Boon Seng who died on 5th November 1883.
source: NewspaperSG

Son: Goh Tiang Lee (Goh Tiang Lie)
From a creditor who requested a court listing at the Supreme Court of Johore on 5th December 1935 ,i got to find out that the late Goh Tiang Lee was last listed as residing in Mensanak, Rhio (under Netherland East Indies). The article also requested the presence of Goh Sian Khay and and Goh Choon Chwee Bee (two persons who attained the age of 21 and have an interest in the estate).
[Note: Goh Sian Kay name was listed as grandson in the tomb of Goh Sin Choon providing a probable match on the relationship that Goh Tiang Lee mentioned in the article is the son of Goh Sin Choon)

Son: Goh Tiang Keng
A student of Raffles Institution, he went to study at Straits Medical School. I have no more information after that.

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