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Ang Jin Siew (Bukit Brown)

The Teochew tomb of Ang Jin Siew (1881- 26 May 1931) can be seen in Hill 3 and is still regularly visited during Qing Ming by his descendants. From oral accounts, Ang Jin Siew was a rice merchant who regularly made purchases of rice from Thailand. Ang Jin Siew was also a member of the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan. From what i can find, Ang Jin Siew was a successful businessman with several property purchases made such as the purchase of  a 99 year leasehold land and houses No 79-1, 81, 83 and 85 at New Market road area for $25,000. What is also unique about this Teochew tomb is that Ang Jin Siew have 5 wives and many children.
Sons: Ang Hiang Meng, Ang Hiang Chieo, Ang Hiang Choon, Ang Hiang Ser, Ang Hiang Tee, Ang Hiang Hoe, Ang Hiang Hock, Ang Hiang Khiam, Ang Hiang Say, Ang Hiang Leng,
Daughters: Ang Kha Lan, Ang Meow Lan, Ang Kwee Lan, Ang Lan Eng, Ang Lan Koon

Ang Jin Siew's tomb 

Ang Jin Siew and his sons and daughters 

War scarred tomb. 

The epitaph of the tomb of Ang Jin Siew highlights the fact the marble stone was remade and reinstated post war during Qing Ming 1950 because it was damaged during the battle that took place in Bukit Brown just before the fall of Singapore.
Reinstated Epitaph in 1950

Auction Sale of the Estate of Ang Jin Siew (source: NewspaperSG)
Descendants of Ang Jin Siew (09-April-2017) 

Descendants of Ang Jin Siew (31 March 2019). The brothers and sister and 1 sister-in-law
are back for Qing Ming. Missing this year is their mother (in the picture above).
She passed away in 2018


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