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Chia Eng Siang (Bukit Brown)

Mr. Chia Eng Siang was a teacher of Serangoon English School. He died suddenly at General Hospital on 31st December 1939. The cortege left his residence, No 736-G Lim Ah Pin Road.  I know very little about Mr. Chia Eng Siang, however there was a mention of a Mr. Chia Eng Siang who was with the Horlicks Badminton Party during that period of time. In the burial registrar, Chia Eng Siang  was listed as of Khek dialect and he passed away at the age of  31. He is buried in Block 4 Section C, plot 1843.
Chia Eng Siang (School Teacher)

Serangoon English School 

Serangoon English School was established in 1928, housed in a two-storey building in Simon Road. It was a co-educational primary school with only seven classes, supported by a staff made of a head-mistress (Mrs. D. Dawne) and seven teachers. It was also a feeder school to Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls' School. In 1937, three standards were added and with this, the school provided education up to Secondary Three in present-day terms. The boys and girls who successfully completed Standard Eight then went on to Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls’ School respectively. During the Japanese Occupation from 1942-1945 it was a school for Japanese language teachers. Post war the school became a full school with primary ans secondary sections. 1957 saw the last of the primary classes and the School became a secondary school. Serangoon English school shifted to Lowland Road in 1967 and also changed its name to Serangoon Secondary School.

Serangoon English School at Simon Road (source: BookSG) 

Miss M.D. Gibbs and Miss Hatley (Headmistress of Serangoon English School during
time when Chia Eng Siang was a teacher there)

Principal of Serangoon English School (source: BookSG) 

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