Toh Seah Hwee (Bukit Brown)

Toh Seah Hwee passed away at the age of 47 on 13 November 1939. On his tomb are the names of his children;
Sons: Toh Chia Whatt, Toh Chia Heng, Toh Chia Seng, Toh Chia Chye, Toh Chia Poh
Daughters: Toh Pek Gek, Toh Chik Kee, Toh Siam Gek, Toh Cheok Gek, Toh Poh Gek, Toh Baby 

Toh Seah Hwee, 47 years old passed away at his residence, No. 187 Sims Avenue, leaving behind him his wife, 5 sons, 6 daughters and 1 adopted daughter. (Penang papers please copy).

Mrs. Toh Seah Hwee nee Madam Chia Bee Gan passed away at the age of 91 on 7 March 1984 leaving behind;
Sons: Toh Chia Huat (deceased), Toh Chia Heng,Toh Chia Seng (deceased), Toh Chia Chye, Toh Chia Poh, Johnny
Daughters-in-law: Wee Suat Neo, Lim Chwee Leng /Lau Siew Tee, Tan Siang Hoey, 
Daughters: Toh Keng Neo,Toh Keng Kee, Toh Siam Gek, Toh Cheok Gek, Toh Poh Gek, Toh Choo Gek, Toh Gek Hong
Sons-in-law: Goh Kim Lim, Chua Ah Chia (deceased), Chia Bah Chee (deceased), Tan Chit Pang (deceased), Phang Ah Bah, Leow Choon Seng (deceased), Lim Buck Guan
1st grandson: Toh Kheng Chai, 

Location of tomb

Toh Seah Hwee is a Teochew and his tomb is located at Block 4 Section C, plot 1607



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