Mrs. Tan Kok Tiong nee Madam Gan Chin Neo (Bukit Brown)

Gan Chin Neo is a granddaughter of Mr. Gan Eng Seng. From a 6 November 1912 newspaper article, the engagement is announced of Mr. Tan Kok Tiong (5th son of the late Mr. Tan Jin Hock) and Miss Gan Chin Neo (granddaughter of the late Mr. Gan Eng Seng, once a great supporter to the Anglo Chinese Free School). I believe she is then the daughter of Gan Tiang Tok because when Mrs. Gan Tiang Tok nee Cho Beng Guat passed away on 2 July 1941, Tan Kok Tiong was mentioned as the son-in-law. 

Madam Gan Chin Neo passed away at No. 87 Amoy Street on 1 August 1928. She is the wife of Mr. Tan Kok Tiong of the Straits Times Press. 

Information from her tomb: - 
Madam Gan Chin Neo (born 21 July 1891-died 4 August 1928) is the wife of Mr. Tan Kok Tiong.
Gone but not forgotten by;
Son: Tan Beng Chiang, Tan Beng Kim, Tan Beng Geok, Tan Beng Gam, Tan Beng Leong
Daughter: Mary Tan, Esa Tan, Gina Tan
Singapore, November 11-1929

Husband: Tan Kok Tiong 
Mr. Tan Kok Tiong is one of the organisers of the Amateur Drawing Association, being the first President of the club.

Son: Tan Beng Kim
Tan Beng Kim (second son of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Kok Tiong) to Miss May Sng Bee Neo (youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sng Soo Geok) on 26 November 1940 

Daughter: Tan Chin Neo
Tan Chin Neo put up a notice in memory of her mother, 5 years after her death. 

Daughter: Tan Chio Neo / Theresa Tan Chio Neo / Esa Tan 
Theresa Tan Chio Neo (second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Kok Tiong married Mr. Stanley Goh (eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Goh Beng Hin). Theresa and Georgina married the same day in a double wedding solemnised by Rev. Goh Hood Keng and Rev. Chew Hock Hin in October 1952.

Daughter: Tan Geok Neo / Georgina Tan Geok Neo /Gina Tan  
Georgina Tan Geok Neo married Mr. Paul Wee Poh Chuan in October 1952, the same day as her sister. 

[research on-going] 

Location of tomb 

Madam Gan Chin Neo was listed as 38 years old when she passed away. She is buried in Block 2 Division F, plot 385




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