Diaochan (貂蟬) uses her beauty to turn Dong Zhuo (董卓)and Lü Bu (呂布) against each other (Stories from the Stones)

The beautiful carving from the tomb of  Mr. and Mrs. Teo Chin Chay tells a very interesting story from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms ( 三國演義 ). The characters featured starting from the left is the lady by name of Diaochan / Tiao Chan / 貂蟬, a legendary beauty, She is sitting on the lap of Tung Chuo / Dong Zhuo / 董卓, the Han Dynasty’s Premier and Diaochan’s so-called husband. The person on the horse is Lyu Pu / Lu Bu / 呂布, Tung’s foster-son and a warrior general. 

The protagonist that is not in carving is Minister Wang Yun (a loyal subject of the Emperor) who wanted oust the tyrant Dong Zhuo who together with his foster-son Lu Bu were a force to be reckon with. Using the 36 Stratagems, Wang Yun came up with a strategy that uses her adopted in a "Beauty Trap" or "Honey Trap". The idea was sow discord between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Long story short, the strategy worked perfectly, with Lu Bu killing Dong Zhuo in a fit of jealousy.   

The Beauty Trap / Honey Trap ( Diaochan (貂蟬) uses her beauty to turn Dong Zhuo (董卓)and Lü Bu (呂布) against each other)
The beauty trap / The honey trap 

Further Reading 

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Diaochan. (website). Wikipedia



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