Wednesday, September 08, 2004

[Magazine Review] Muscle Media

Today, i shall do a magazine review, rather than just blah blah about everything and nothing in particular (after all this is a rojak blog)...When am i doing this u may ask ? ..Just feel like it lor..

Muscle Media (Available in all libraries and good bookshops)

This is an interesting and all rounded magazine focusing on nutrition, body-building as well as building up your brain.

What really strikes me is the fact that this magazine is not like the rest of the muscle magazines where u see basically people pumped up, looking like incredible hulk on steroids...or worst still a muscle magazine disguised as a soft-porn magazine ...

Broken up into easy-to-read sections on exercise, nutrition, success stories, lifestyles etc. I really love the section on sucess stories, where it features real people who have undertaken the Body-for-Life Programme and overcome their inner devils.(a trademark and registered brand of EAS)

Finally, i like about this magazine is the fact that it constantly reminds us that training and body-building is both a mental and physical effort. We have to first "work-out" our mind and from there transform ourselves thru the food we cook and eat (i just love their section on nutrition-cause it features food that are really really edible and not just focusing on pills, ), all round training (both cardio and weights), and finally the lifestyle we live. (i.e we don't need to be a gym rat to get to the right shape)

I have been a loyal follower of this magazine for two years now and although my success story in my struggle to shape up is nothing to shout about, i do recommend it to D-I-Y beginneers or people facing difficulties in getting to shape, but not willing or too shy to sign up with a personal trainer.

1) EAS website
2) Muscle Media Magazine

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