Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Choosing the right Flower Crab


Just last Sunday, went to the market with mom and as we were going thru the fresh food section at Toa Payoh NTUC, the flower crabs look delicious... That's they point where my mom imparted on me some simple words of wisdom...."When choosing a good flower crab, choose the female one as it usually will contain rich-orange color roe in them which are delicious when cooked".

She further elaborated on how this is done. To recognise the female crab, turn them behind and look at its underside:
a) a male crab has a pointed tail flap
b) the female a wider, more rounded flap
c) underside should also feel firm when press upon lightly
d) overall crab should not feel light and legs mostly intact....

So using the criteria given, i chose a few crabs to bring back for dinner....

Not only i gain valuable life skills and words of wisdom from my mom....., we interacted and bonded with on her a personal level and its something i will remember for a long, long time.

By the way the crab tasted good.. Thks mom !!!!

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