Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pulau Ubin – ex-Headman celebrates his 100th birthday

Reported in the Sunday Times, April 3, 2005,Mr Lim Chye Joo, a celebrity in his own right, celebrated his birthday surrounded with family and friends yesterday at his home in Pulau Ubin. Mr Abdullah Tarmugi (Speaker of Parliment)was present as well

It is fantastic to read this in the papers and that people as well as representative from the Govt. remembered.

FYI -if you want to visit Mr. Lim's house:
You can’t miss it, located at the “T”junction of Jalan Noordin and Jalan Ubin (opposite Belatok Hut), 700 or so meters away from the jetty.

The paper reports that he has lived in Ubin for 70 years since he arrived from China and has 8 children. In his younger days he was very active in the community and was former chairman of the Community Centre over at Ubin.

Do drop by his place to see and shake hand with this icon of Ubin.

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