Guide to investing

For a beginner like me, i enjoy and look forward to reading the Sunday Times (Singapore). It publishes during sunday's a section called invest giving u some insights to investing as well as interviews with people who have invested wisely and are not sitting "rich". Too often we start by investing to preserve our capital (i.e. ensure our savings and interest earned is more than the rate of inflation)..and get good yield......but for some people investing is no different than gambling !!!..Don't get me wrong, i am not trying to preach here..As they say, to each, his/her own.

Many,many books "teach" you the basic/indepth principles of how to be rich !!"e.g rich dad,poor dad, warren buffett guide to investing, etc etc etc etc.......but why isn't there not more rich people out there with the mushrooming of simple guide books on how to be rich ???

Some people say "No guts, no glory mate"...Some people are just risk averse. Too scared, etc.

This could be true, i am risk averse, but i also do not intend to join the long line of the non-success stories and bankrupt folks that appear in notices in papers bound for the recycling bins. All i can say is to those who made it thru hard work, good for you.

As a newbie in the investing world, what i will try to do is keep to the practice that was nicely quoted in one the articles in Sunday Times dated 10 April page 21 by Mr Wong Khai Soon in his parting words, "when you invest, go in only with money you can afford to lose'.

Another regular series of localised articles which i like to read to is by Dr Money of the Newpaper. Check Dr Money (Larry Haverkmap) out too, if you are a newbie like me..

$$$ is a means to an end..not the end itself, but we all do like a smooth journey there right ?? hahah

Take care ya..



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