Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shopping for an HDB apartment..

Yes, i am flat hunting. Where else to start but Housing Development's Board InfoWeb.
An excellent site which showcases what places are on sale,ballot,recent resale prices, etc.

The most recent flats put online for ballot is Tivela - a built-to-order (BT0) exercise by HDB in Sengkang. BTO means oh...HDB will only built if there is demand for it..You can also see from the website, how many people have submitted applications for it on daily basis as well images of how the building and layout inside. A really good site.

Visit it if you have time and need a flat or just get information on house purchase, rules, terms and conditions, etc.

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olkgal said...

i hear wedding bells... don't forget to invite me to your wedding. Give me advance notice though... need to save money for ang pow