Sunday, April 03, 2005

Miss Universe Singapore-2005

When asked to choose her favourite cultural festival during the Question and Answer segment, Ms Ling Lee (19 yrs old NTU undergraduate) answered "Racial Harmony Day-cause she had fun dressing up as an Indian".....Jaws dropped !! duh...

Watching it, i can only say....God is fair. 'Sometimes you can't have both beauty and brains'

Kudos to the winner - Ms Cheryl Tay (24 yr old). Do Singapore proud ok.


Ivan Chew said...

Hey man, give the gal a break. At least she's honest -- well I believe it was an honest answer.

Rojak Librarian said...

Hi Ivan.

Ok, will give her that- honesty. But it was priceless answer. Watch Miss Congeniality today. Am glad she didn't say "World Peace".