Monday, January 17, 2011

Birding with the experts in Bukit Brown

With the start of a New Year and bird identification skills a bit rusty, it's time one sharpen one's skill. The best and easiest way......bird with a group of experts ! Hence i went on an exercusion organised by the Nature Society. The person in charge of today's trip- Wing Chong.

It was a good turn out as well. Around 30 like-minded people were present. At the rally point in front of the cemetery entrance was a Changeable Hawk and another tree, a blue crowned hanging parrot ! A fantastic start indeed.

A great start to the year. Belated New Year 2011 to all birders.

Nature Society members present for the birding trip

Dark-side Flycatcher

Lots of Pink-necked Pigeon

Birds spotted
  1. Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot
  2. Laced Woodpecker
  3. Banded Woodpecker
  4. Common Flameback Woodpecker
  5. Changeable Hawk Eagle
  6. Scarlet-backed flower pecker
  7. Asian Brown Flycatcher
  8. Dark side Flycatcher
  9. Pink-necked Pigeon(s)
  10. Greater-racquet tailed Drongo
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