Ubin and Straw-headed Bulbul

Pulau Ubin beckons and here i go again ! My wife and I have been there twice this year. In both instances,we heared the wonderful call of the straw-headed bulbul but failed to spot it. In fact, the last time i actually spotted one was early last year. My wife has not spotted one in Ubin as yet. Today, changed all that. I saw it twice (at different spots) and my wife once.

That made us very happy ! Unfortunately, i was not able to capture any shots of it this time around. But, with nature, one has to be patient and try again and again and again....You get my point.

The walk was a pleasent one with few cyclist, probably because school season is back in order and/or people are busy with Chinese New Year shopping.

Atlas Moth

Swallows perched on a tv antena

Before even the walk started, i spotted an Atlas moth perched on a Sea Almond Tree right in front of the Information Kiosk in front of the jetty. (By the way, if you are looking for a map on Ubin, you need to walk past the "Kampung" center towards the HSBC Center- which used to be the Community Center of the residents of Ubin. They shifted there for some reason)
Horsfield's Baron

Common Flameback Woodpecker (Male)

Common Flameback Woodpecker (female)
Oriental Pied Hornbill

Spotted in Ubin Island
  1. Straw-headed Bulbul (2 no's)
  2. Pied Fantail
  3. Olive-backed Sunbird (male and female)
  4. Common Flameback (3 no's- 2 male 1 female)
  5. Scarlet-backed flowerpecker (2 no's- male)
  6. Zebra dove
  7. Grey Heron
  8. Intermediate Egret
  9. Oriental Pied Hornbill
  10. Brahminy Kite
  11. White-bellied sea eagle



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