Sunday, March 27, 2011

Red Jungle Fowl spotted in Pasir Ris Park

We were taking an evening stroll today (26th Mar) at Pasir Ris Park to check out the herony at Sungai Tampines when we heard the distinct call of the red jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus )across the river. Using our "bins", my wife spotted it first.

After finishing our observation, we decide to cross the bridge and walk along the Park Connector on the side of the Escape Theme Park (Wild Wild Wet).

Minutes later, we were rewarded with close-ups of a solitary male red jungle fowl making a quick dash along the shrubs. I managed to catch some shots of it too. Just thought i share with you too !

Male Red Jungle fowl
I have seen many of this fowls in Ubin, Adults male and female and it's chick. But i am always pleasantly surprise to see them in mainland Singapore, especially in areas frequented by humans. Pasir Ris park is indeed crowded at times with cyclist, joggers and groups of people headed for their chalets or picnic by the beach.

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