Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kluang back to Singapore (Part I)

The journey back from Kluang to Singapore was an eventful one. For timing purposes, i decided to take a budget train back (essentially it stops at every station and takes an hour longer than express). The cost of the trip back was RM$5 - inexpensive and a fantastic way to explore Malaysia if budget is tight.
My ticket back home

After tucking into a few more nasi lemak at the Kluang Railway. I whacked about 4 before being fully satisfied ! They are 70 cents (RM) each , but they are very very small. Wash it down with a cool ice coffee..Bliss.

2 nasi lemak opened and ready to be swallowed !
Behind my ice coffee to cool me down. 

The train arrived 15 minutes late -no problems ! Unfortunately, the air-con was down too. This trains have fixed windows, so you can't really roll them down. I found the best spot which is to stand in between carriages and leave the door open so that the air outside can come in. I stood for the entire 4 hour journey - no problems has it gave me opportunity to take some brilliant shots of the surrounding area as we made our journey home.
The old Kluang sign next to the new Kluang sign

Last look at the Kluang station

Woodlands Causeway and the water pipes

Passing by forested areas (kids don't try taking photos like this)

Vehicles have to wait for us. This sight is something
you would not see again in Singapore. 
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