Monday, June 06, 2011

Tanjong Pagar Railway train ride to Kluang

Bought a ticket at the Tanjong Pagar Railway station for a train ride to Kluang, Johor to experience the last rides from Tanjong Pagar Railway station before it closes on 1st July. A ticket there cost $16 SGD one-way.
All ready to travel !
Its May 31, and i reached there at 7.40 am and already was a crowd of people queuing either to try to get last minute tickets or is going through the Malaysian Immigration and Customs. This anomaly is something you will not see in the future, where the Malaysian Immigration is smack right in the middle of central Singapore !
Morning pasengers waiting to
clear Immigration
Malaysian Immigration in Central Singapore !
A legacy of a past relationship 
At 8:05 am, whether you cleared Immigration & Customs or not, the Platform master blows his whistle and starts to rigorously wave his flag to indicate to passengers to get on board train 2 -Ekspress Rakyat (The People's Express).
8:10 am and getting ready to board
View of Tanjong Pagar departure
platform from train

It is a Tuesday morning and the start of the school holidays and probably that was one of the reasons for a good mixture of adults and youngsters. There was a family queuing behind me with their children. Onboard the train, there was several school children going for some excursion up north as well ! How wonderful.

By 8:10 am, with a couple of blows to its whistle, train no 2 is on the move ! The scenery was pretty boring until closer to Bukit Timah Railway Station, whereby we pass by Clementi Woods. I even saw a Caucasian jogger , running along a path in a wooded area as well as several black-and-white houses between the greenery.

I was very happy we stopped about 15 minutes to wait for a south-bound train to pass. Not just me of course ! A number of people, decided to use this opportunity to get down the train and take pictures as well.

Bukit Timah Railway station
With an authoritative blow of the station master whistle coupled by the train horn, its off again we go passing the fringe of Bukit Timah nature reserve before passing by roads which cars are temporarily inconvenienced by the passing of our train. The woody landscape eventually changes to grasslands and marshlands of Kranji.  We have arrived at the Woodlands Immigration checkpoint. All passengers have to get down the train to clear the Singapore Immigration. Clearing it was a breeze and you could see signs that the new co-located Malaysian Immigration counters being set-up jointly in this building.

Before long, the landscape has changed and we are in the state of Johor passing through plantations. The land close to the tracks seem to be fully utilised and some of the crops i seen growing on the way to Kluang  includes coffee trees with their ripen red seeds, dragon fruit trees, vegetables, guava and durians.  The train stopped to pick up passengers in Kempas at 9:57 am  and later Kulai. New passengers replaced the disembarking ones. A couple of swift hotels along the way caught my eye. This are easily recognised as buildings with no windows but pipe holes lining along the outer walls.

By 11.15 am, we arrived at Kluang. (45 minutes off the scheduled arrival time) .

To be continued.....

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