Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kluang (Part II)

Continued from: Kluang (Part I ) & Tanjong Pagar Railway train ride to Kluang

When you visit Kluang, do spent time looking at its buildings and architecture as well. In the town itself, i noticed a number of buildings dating back to the 50's. Some might be older but unfortunately, i didn't enough time to investigate and i didn't do enough research before going there.

Below are some pictures of old buildings i took around town:
Singapore Hotel (1956)
Tong Ah Company
loved the design of its company name and the
old feel of its business
On the walls of a building.
A motiff of a dragon (?) with dagger in its mouth
Road signs after fruits !
Roads making me hungry !
and motels for swifts...

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